Design Work, Web & Mobile Development

GGM, founded to serve the medical industry and changes the way to deliver various healthcare products for any field or specialty. GGM today is one of well-established devoted distributors from Europe to North Africa and the Middle East. We cover importation, promotion, sales and distribution of medical equipment & apparatus, Hospital, Clinic and Medical-Centers equipment and disposables, supply laboratory equipment, and dental products.

Today, we successfully operate across multiple continents as operations in today’s business environment is unique challenging. Our management continuously keeps itself at the top of the market, by maintaining an active approach, rapidly adapting to change, which will ultimately see our company grow and continue to build on its success.

GGM requested The Future Cloud to create a bespoke and cutting-edge website, that will showcase the education and childcare services they provide to the general public. Our strategy included design a draft to be approved, then developed into a functional website. GGM have showed their appreciation for the effort and high quality of their website and are very pleased with our services.

Our Steps:

✔ Initial design concept

✔ First draft created for approval

✔ Design and development

✔ Deployment

✔ Client review and amendments

✔ Launch

✔ Web maintenance training

✔ Stock system creation and development

✔ Website and system testing

✔ EPI configuration (between the stock system, website & third party)