Design Work, Development

Clear Solutions have worked with training providers, schools, colleges, employers, JCP and individuals in order to improve quality, raise aspirations and create opportunities. They work with all age groups such as 14 to 17, 18 to 24 and 24 plus and their most mature customer has just received her IT qualification at 85 years old.

Clear Solutions requested The Future Cloud to create a bespoke and cutting-edge website, that will showcase the services they provide to the general public. Our strategy included design a draft to be approved, then developed into a functional website. Clear Solutions have showed their appreciation for the effort and high quality of their website and are very pleased with our services.

Our Steps:

✔ Initial design concept

✔ First draft created for approval

✔ Design and development

✔ Deployment

✔ Client review and amedments

✔ Launch