Printing, Web & Mobile Development

The Beehive Education Centre is based in Manchester and aims to deliver high quality childcare and academic support to pupils age 5-14. They have established a safe and comfortable environment in which every child can engage with their peers. Their methods have been specially revised to motivate and engage each child as well as improve their confidence. We love to go above and beyond by offering your child a very high quality educational experience from the comfort of your home, as well as a kid club, focusing on a fun and engaging atmosphere for children to enjoy safely.

The Beehive Education Centre requested The Future Cloud to create a bespoke and cutting-edge website, that will showcase the education and childcare services they provide to the general public. Our strategy included design a draft to be approved, then developed into a functional website. Beehive have showed their appreciation for the effort and high quality of their website and are very pleased with our services.

Our Steps:

✔ Initial design concept

✔ First draft created for approval

✔ Design and development

✔ Deployment

✔ Client review and amedments

✔ Launch