Design Work, Web & Mobile Development

A&M Commercials are a large vehicle selling and hiring company, with options for tractor units, trucks, trailers, plant, cars and vans worldwide.

A&M Commercials contacted The Future Cloud to create them a new website that they could manage as a third party controlled their current site. They requested us to create a website and stock system that feed to their website through Auto-Trader. The whole project took over six months to complete, but now A&M commercials have a fully functional site they control and an efficient stock system.

We developed a full draft for the website to be approved and then developed, taking one month to complete and a further month of testing. We then developed the stock system in Laravel which took 3.5 months as it was fully bespoke. This included creating EPIs between the website. Stock system and Auto-Trader, as well, to develop listings multiple times a day and a Lookup system that searches and auto fill vehicle registration. All of this available to access on desktop, mobile, etc.

Our Steps:

✔ Initial design concept

✔ First draft created for approval

✔ Design and development

✔ Deployment

✔ Client review and amendments

✔ Launch

✔ Web maintenance training

✔ Stock system creation and development

✔ Website and system testing

✔ EPI configuration (between the stock system, website & third party)

A&M Commericals - The Future Cloud
A&M Commericals - The Future Cloud