IT Support

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IT Solutions & IT Support for your business.

Our IT services offer you total support and management so your business can run seamlessly. You can rely on us to fix any IT related issue you have. At The Future Cloud, we can manage and support all IT issues including software and equipment, etc.

The services we offer include network installation & troubleshooting, broadband installation and maintenance, server installations, PC installations & repairs, callouts, system updates & patches, anti-virus management and security services. IT can be very complicated and challenging, so having an experienced team to help resolve issues is essential to your business can run smoothly and you can focus on your job while we do ours.

First Line Support

Our first line support can assist you in dealing with minor IT issues over the phone or online. Generally, this will include network issues, general maintenance and troubleshooting.

Second Line Support

Our second line support team deal with more complicated issues which have specialised roles in engineering, technical support and analysts. Usually, this will refer to installation issues, server errors, coding, etc. 

Third Line Support

Third line support is our most advanced level of IT support and is required with significant issues and complications that take specialist skills and knowledge to resolve. This usually includes call-outs from a member of the team.