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Tips For Building A Better Website For Your Business

Is your website in need of a refresh? Not bringing in the customers you need? Or just looking on how to improve? Here are some things you can do to improve your website.

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1. Keep it simple.  The first thing potential customers notice when they visit your website is the design and homepage. Make sure your website isn’t too cluttered or full of clashing colours. Your homepage should be visually pleasing and should answer questions that customers have, such as, who are you, what your business does and what they can find on your website. Consider how you would want a website to look if you were a visitor, what would you want to see and more importantly what would you need to see to make it informative for the customers. Too much text, lots of images and colour can be confusing and take the attention away from the information. Stick to a colour theme, use some images and videos and don’t go crazy on the keyboard, use clever language to make the reader want to learn more.

2. Responsiveness. Websites aren’t just visited on desktops and PCs, avoid designing pages specifically for a large monitor sizes, or including complex features on some pages that make not be compatible with some devices. Keep it simple and clean so your site is optimal for any device a visitor might be using. Unsure on how to make your website mobile-friendly? Consult a web designer for more information as being able to view websites online properly is so important in this digital age.

3. Showcase your products and services.  Your homepage should include what products or services your business offers. This gives the customer an idea of what they can get from you straight away. Including professional stock images and even videos can help make your business look the part. Any images whether they are graphic banners, stock photos or product images, they all need to be high resolution, there’s nothing worse than a blurry image. Text should be concise, explain your product/service simply with keywords to make you stand out and make the best first impression possible. You could have the best website design in the world, but if you have nonsense text paired with blurry images and graphics and images, people with click off your website straight away.

4. Loading time. People are impatient when it comes to tech. So it’s likely that if your website takes more than ten seconds to load, visitors will have clicked off before it’s even had a chance to load up. It can be the difference between a sale or not. Make sure your website hosting is up to date and constantly update your site to improve performance including loading time, site speed, formatting, etc.

5. Accessibility. It’s important to adapt your website for different people with different needs, such as small text for people with poorer vision, colour blindness is something to address too. As well, people in some areas need language options or have poor internet. So go to the lengths of developing your site for different people, and it won’t go unnoticed.

6. User Experience.  When people visit your site, they’re usually looking for specific information. So keeping your site clean and organised and can helo improve user experience when their questions are answered with ease, and in turn, create success for your business.

7. Content is critical. If your site have poor content, it can drive customers away. Using complex language, repetition or including unrelated topics to increase word count, you’re going about it the wrong way. It’s much more efficient to have less, relevant and quality text than paragraphs of nonsense and words the average person won’t understand. Be sure to keep your content fresh to show you’re up to date and relevant, it’s easy to let the fast-paced digital world go by. Include critical information such as the services you offer, contact info, business hours, a little about you and social feeds as a start.

8. SEO and SEM. SEO and SEM are highly specialized fields and require a substantial time investment to learn. But SEO and/or SEM campaigns can allow your company to grow to the next level and be as successful as possible. It is not something to ignore because it’s complicated and difficult, it is critical to succeeding online. You can easily hire a professional to assist you with this rather than spending time you don’t have trying to learn it yourself.

Following these tips will ensure to improve your website. For more information on creating a website, web maintenance/improvement or anything else tech related then get in touch with The Future Cloud today.

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