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Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

Why Is Digital Marketing Important for your business?

It’s easy to see the number of mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices around you. Most likely you are reading this on a laptop or mobile. The way we consume and share information these days is mostly through our computers and mobiles, so it’s easy to see that being online and connecting has transformed our daily lives and put everything we need on one tiny device in our pockets. This is one of the reasons digital marketing has changed the way businesses can promote and advertise their businesses and services.


Websites are arguably the single most important marketing tool a business can use acting as an online storefront for your business. But compared to physical visits from customers to your ‘store’, it can be hard to know how much consumer traffic your business has or how to track your progress. With digital marketing, you can monitor changes in sales, customer traffic, site visits, etc. or more importantly how they got to your website. Through social media/email campaigns? Natural search and SEO? Recommendations from friends? This can all be tracked through digital marketing as well as developing campaigns to improve your marketing and giving you real information on whether you’re reaching the right people.


Compared to traditional marketing and advertising racking up expensive bills for advertising slots and printing, etc., digital marketing has allowed small-medium sized business to be put on a level playing field with big corporations regarding affordability. Using social media platforms and email marketing, for example, can boost consumer traffic and increase sales for a fraction of the cost that printing leaflets and posters would cost.  At the same time, you get a much wider audience that potentially spans the entire world, and less paper and materials get wasted. Similarly, online banner adverts on websites generally cost less than adverts placed in more traditional methods like daily newspapers or magazines. With the data that is generated by these online advertising techniques you also get feedback on how your marketing.


Marketing online reaches your audience much quicker than traditional marketing. Instead of spending time and money on printing and distribution you can reach double the audience you would, in a fraction of the time in just one click. Digital marketing allows companies to be efficient and agile. Writing a twitter or facebook post takes a few minutes, but designing, printing and distributing leaflets can take weeks. An e-mail marketing campaign can be written and controlled when it gets sent out, and you can monitor who has opened it, whereas an advert can take a week to place in a newspaper and you never know how many people have seen it.


The world now revolves around being online. So moving your business online and utilising digital marketing can bring a dynamic edge to how you advertise yourself. Digital marketing is so popular and important is because it’s so convenient for everyone to use. You can converse and connect with customers in just a few clicks and interact with a broader audience than ever before which allows you to do more than sell; you can sell smart while leaving a standing impression on customers. Market research and monitoring your campaigns can better inform you for future promotion and help you to reach the right audience for your business. Being online allows you to synergise with other professionals and businesses to help improve and build on your campaigns or for feedback and assistance. Engage with your consumers by holding competitions and PR events, writing blogs and other marketing activities.

Overall, marketing opens up your business opportunities and allows you to improve continually online. It gives smaller business the chance to thrive in a world full of conglomerates and is indispensable as a business tool.