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E-commerce websites

Your website is the window to your shop and
that is why we will dress it with style

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Responsive & Mobile Design

Every site we make is fully responsive and
tested to keep up-to-date with the latest technology

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Bespoke & cutting edge websites

Tailor made websites developed to compliment your business and its needs

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Able to access and edit your website with no fuss and hassle free

why us

Why Should you have a responsive webiste?

We make sure all our sites are complete responsive , this is because with around 80% of individuals utilising smartphones to look through the web, a responsive website is an absolute necessity - every site we make is fully responsive and tested on all the latest devices including Apple and Android.
Ofcom reported that two thirds of people in the UK now own a smartphone, using it for at least two hours every day to browse the internet, scroll through social media, carry out online banking and even online shop. 33% of internet users see their smartphone as the most important device for going online, and we spend twice as long online with our smartphones than laptops or personal computers. This could have a direct impact on the way we view websites.

What makes us Unique Design?

At The Future Cloud we work directly with our clients on a one to one base, this makes us unique, this makes us design unique and bespoke designs for the client. The Future Cloud is always contactable and we are always happy to dices with our clients their needs or any changes needed in an existing project we working on.

We believe our clients are with us because of our unique designs and our excellent customer services.

At The Future Cloud, We will create you a website that is designed specifically to stand out from your competitors whilst still sticking to your needs. Our job is to make you happy and provide you bespoke and unique design.

Our Goals in The Future Cloud

As we take on each project. We work closely together to research not only your business, but also its competitors whilst keeping in mind of your end goal. The reason being is we like to have something to work towards. You give us your goal - we get you there.

The Process of The Future Cloud:

  • Get as much information from the client regarding the project
  • Make a bespoke design on the mockup for the client to have a look and get back to us if they happy with it or want any changes with the design.
  • Start with the development
  • Send a first draft to the client to have a look. This draft will be more of the design and functionality.
  • Send Final Version. The client now have to once more test the site and let us know if they happy.
  • We will then Lunch the site LIVE .

E-commerce websites (Webshop)

With incredible client experience to expand profits, deals and benefits. Around 20% of all UK buys are made on the web. We can help you to set up your online shop to pitch direct to clients. Giving you the ability to make sales to your customers around the world 24/7

  • Bringing your business online can allow you to reach a larger audience and market therefore increasing profits and revenue.
  • Its easily accessible to new and existing customers.
  • Opening/closing hours do not exist when online purchases are made
  • The first thing is to promote the site to all existing customers - if they don't know you sell online, they will shop elsewhere - they are likely to sell your business for you through word of mouth.
  • On every piece of literature or advertising your company produces there should be something to state ‘Visit our website’ or “Order online at’
  • Register with Search engines - this is where SEO can come in well to help promote your business.
At The Future Cloud we know some shops only have small amount of products whilst others have a wide variety of products. You can never have a wrong number of products to sell when it comes to E-commerce. Our platform allows for changes in product quantities. We will make it easy access and user friendly.
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Customise your website as you desire!

Customising your website should be made easy. Thats why we work with our clients to provide full training to you and your team on how to use or Content Management Systems, giving you, the client, full control over your content.

Having a website that gets updated regularly will help your google rankings. There are no limitations to what we can create regardless of you business size.

CMS Responsive Web Design from The Future Cloud is an easy way to keep your website up-to-date. The powerful control panel makes it really simple and fast for you to update your own website – or we can do it for you.

With our CMS platforms, You can add image galleries and multi-media, and create an unlimited number of pages.

As with all of our websites, a CMS from The Future Cloud uses a modern, mobile-ready framework meaning your website looks great on all devices.

work process
work process

We Provide you with our very best creative minds!

At The Future Cloud, our graphic design team are always full of fresh and bright ideas in designing

The main goal of our designers is to provide creative, cutting edge designs solutions to deliver important messages to their customers through visual effects.

We will combine the latest and most advanced technology to promote custom and make your business stand out from their competition. Whether you need us to revamp your existing brand or whether your a start-up business, we can create graphics to suit your needs.

We can create you a logo design, illustration, motion graphics, infographics , videography , gifs , artwork specifically made for advertising and digital marketing, full brand guidelines or a package somewhere in-between - we can do it all.

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